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Glass office partitions Birmingham are the hot new thing in office renovation, and it’s not hard to see why. There are all kinds of ways you can use them in an office to create the spaces you need. If you’re looking to update your office and create extra rooms, here’s a few ways you can use those glass partitions to your benefit.

Glass-Office-Partitions-BirminghamReception Rooms 

This is something to consider if you often have people coming in and out of an office, for example if you run a doctor’s office or regularly meet clients in your office space. If this is the case, you’ll want to create a separate reception area for your business.

You can use glass partitions to create spaces that work perfectly as reception areas. The glass can section off the reception area, while still not blocking off light or line of sight. It also helps you make a good first impression, as clients have somewhere comfortable to sit and wait until their appointment. If you want to make a space like this, glass walls are perfect.

Individual Offices

This is something that most businesses will use glass partitions for. You may have a wide open floor, that’s perfect for an open plan office. However, that’s not quite what you’re looking for. Whether you want full offices, or just want to add in some individual working spaces, you can use glass partitions to do that.

The joy of glass walls, over regular walls, is that they let the light in. That allows you to put those offices wherever you need them. They can go around the walls, so the windows aren’t blocked. You can also create a section of offices in one area of the office floor, without any issues. Whatever works for the space you have, you can use glass office partitions Birmingham.

Meeting And Breakout Spaces

This is another common usage for glass partitions. In any office space, you’ll need somewhere where you can have meetings and work on group projects without interruption. However, the regular method of building fully walled spaces does have some draw backs. When you have a space like this, you’re totally cut off from the rest of the office. You can’t see what’s going on, and so you won’t be able to keep up with everyone else. Plus, these rooms are dark and dim, as they don’t have access to natural light.

This is where glass office partitions Birmingham come in. You can create the same space with all the same features, but now all that natural light can come in. You’ll also be able to see the rest of the office, but the noise will be dampened. It gives you the best of a walled off space with none of the drawbacks.

Team Specific Areas

Earlier we mentioned open plan offices, and they really do have their benefits. You can work with others easily when you’re sat together, perfect if you’re working on the same projects as a team. However, not everyone on the same floor will be working on the same things. You want to have the benefits of an open plan office, without the distractions. Is that something you can have?

You certainly can with glass partitions. You can create team ‘pods’ with them, so you’re essentially creating a group office for that team. You can have as many as you like on the office floor, and they shouldn’t block off the light in the space. You’ll still have the open office feel, but teams can work together in enclosed spaces that make it easier to concentrate.

Door And Entrance Ways

Finally, you have the option of using glass partitions to create door and entrance ways in your office. This is another way to make a great impression, as they will allow you to make an entryway into your office that’s unlike any others in your building. Get creative, and use those glass office partitions Birmingham.

These are just a few ways you can use glass partitions in your office, and gain all the benefits they bring. Look into having them installed today, and start thinking about where you could use them. It’s so easy to create the perfect office with them.

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