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Need to create a space in your office where employees can work without distraction? Worried about them feeling cut off or isolated? That’s a valid concern, but there is a solution. Single glazed acoustic glass partitions Birmingham are just what you need. Here’s how you can use these partitions to improve your office drastically.

Single glazed acoustic glass partitions BirminghamThe Need For Quiet Work Spaces 

The trend in modern office design is to create open plan offices. In theory, this makes so much sense. After all, workers can put their heads together and work on projects easily, without being shut away in separate offices or cubicles. You’ll also find that it’s a great option for those who like to be surrounded by others when they work. They’ll be able to put out better work when they can bounce ideas off each other.

However, this isn’t the best thing for other workers, or if you need quiet in your office. For example, if staff answer the phone regularly, you want there to be less office background noise. There’s also those who just nee quiet in order to concentrate and give their best to their job.

Because of this, you’ll need to consider creating quieter spaces in your offices. If that’s something you need, then you can look into single glazed acoustic glass partitions Birmingham.

How Single Glazed Partitions Help 

When you want to create quieter spaces for your staff, you’ll want to look into single glazed acoustic glass. As the name implies, these partitions are designed to dampen sound. They block out enough noise that anyone can work quietly, or have a good space to answer the phone without interruption.

They’re also perfect for meeting rooms, as the noise is kept out of the room as the staff talk or work on a project. Of course, the noise of team members talking will be dampened for the rest of the office, too. It works both ways, just as regularly walled off rooms would.

Another good use for single glazed partitions is to create ‘pods’. These are perfect if you have separate teams that work on different projects. When you can create a pod that encompasses their team, it’s much easier for them to work together without being distracted by the rest of the office, or indeed the rest of the office being distracted by them.

If you want to do something totally different, then you can use single glazed acoustic glass partitions Birmingham to create ‘quiet work zones’. If your office uses hot desking, then this is a great idea. These desks will be placed in quiet zones, where the expectation is that work is done with minimal interruption. The joy of this is once an employee is done with a task, they can move to a different computer in the rest of the office, giving them a lot of flexibility.

The Benefits Of Glass Partitions

As well as dampening sound, glass partitions have lots of other benefits that you may not be aware of. For example, they’re perfect for letting light through, rather than blocking it out. Because you’re using them instead of walls, you can place them pretty much anywhere without blocking the windows on your floor.

You’ll also see that glass walls allow staff to see through, and stay connected with what’s happening on their floor. Even if they need to get away from the activity on the main floor, they can still see what’s happening through the partitions.

On top of this, there’s no denying that they look great. You can create amazing, modern looks with glass partitions. Many business choose to create reception areas and entry ways with them, as they give a clean and modern feel to the area. If your business entertains guests a lot, you want to make a good impression when they visit. If you feel your office needs updating, they’re just the thing.

Do you think single glazed acoustic glass partitions Birmingham are for your business? They could well be. If you want to find out more, call us today. We can give you a quote and tell you more about the benefits of glass panels. Get in touch and get the modernisation of your office started.

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